The Equipper

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Lord’s Supper Service

Keep them in your prayers!

Fields of Faith

One Day. One Message. One Stand.

Crossovers: “Next Level” Young Adults

A gathering for young adults who are in the “next level” of their lives (college, work, military or somewhere in between.

Bible Study Lessons Online

Bible Study lessons are recorded weekly and available on our YouTube channel. The current playlist is "Connect 360 - The Conquerors: Heroes of the Faith," a study of the Book of Judges. Teachers Johnny Matthews and Mac McCarson record lessons for our online community....


Our Vision

Has Four Hallmarks

1. Mission Engagement:

Equipped believers join God in their neighborhoods.

2. Cooperation:

Equipped believers cooperate across cultures and ages.

3. Kingdom Living:

Equipped believers walk as Jesus walked.

4. Authentically Evangelical:

The gospel of Jesus Christ affects all equipped believers say and do.