Our story

Caring and Ministering

Since 1908

First Baptist Church has been caring and ministering in the name of Jesus Christ to persons in San Angelo, the Concho Valley, and around the world for more than 130 years. One of the first major gatherings of the church took place on July 22, 1884 under a large mesquite tree on the northwest corner of a lot located on Chadbourne Street between Beauregard Avenue and Harris Street. This was the site of the church’s first location, and a makeshift tent-like structure served as the first “building.”

Media Ministry

 Media Ministry has been an important part of FBC’s emphasis on missions and evangelism since the early 1970s. Church services have been televised locally for nearly 40 years, and we currently rebroadcast Sunday morning’s Worship Service at 8:00am each week on FOX West Texas (Channel 19, Suddenlink Channel 10/110 and DISH Network Channel 6) and at 10:00 am on My San Angelo (Suddenlink Channel 141). In addition to our television ministry, the service is broadcast live on the radio on KCLL 100.1FM. 

The church grew so much by 1885 that a 30 x 60 brick building was erected. The young church survived and grew despite a major drought in 1886, a tornado in 1887, and the abandoning of Fort Concho in 1889. The church’s current location at the corner of Harris and Oaks was purchased for $872.00 in 1900, and a new church building was completed by 1908 in spite of a financial crisis a year prior. By 1928, the church had grown to nearly 1000 people–538 of whom joined the church in one year. Much of this growth, as well as the current church membership growth, can be attributed to a strong Sunday School ministry and care for people from the cradle to the grave. In 1908, FBC started the Baptist Young People’s Union, a precursor to today’s contemporary ministries to children and especially youth.

National and International Missions has always existed in the DNA of the church, as well. FBC has started over ten churches intentionally in San Angelo alone since 1908. The church was also on the ground floor of Texas Baptists’ river ministry along the state-side of the Rio Grande. On an international scope, First Baptist forged missions and ministry partnerships with people in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ukraine, and Venezuela that exist even today.